Song usage tracking made more useful

Our church administrator does all of our song usage reporting back to CCLI on a weekly basis. I would love to see the song usage tracker become more functional to make her life a bit easier. 

At the moment OpenLP generates a .txt file, where it should be a .csv file; if nothing else could you change this so it outputs as the correct file type? It would also be great if there were an option to automatically generate this file when OpenLP is closed.

Secondly, and this is a more complicated request, but it would be wonderful if the song reporting could be linked directly with CCLI, allowing us to cut out the middle-(wo)man so to speak. As you now have the feature to import songs from their database, I wondered if this was now possible?

Thanks, I also have a couple of other feature requests, but I am not sure where they should go? Do I just create a new discussion for each one?


  • I can answer the second one, and although it would be wonderful and excellent if OpenLP could link straight into CCLI, unfortunately the answer is 'no'. CCLI have always resisted the ability to use a third-party software package to complete their returns (although you used to be able to send them a paper copy of the returns which could be printed out). Unfortunately, it does seem that the easiest way of doing this - especially as CCLI have made their system purely web-based now - is the way you're doing it. (Personally, I'm thankful I don't have to worry about my church's returns anymore!)

    We need to start bugging CCLI to open up an API for developers for just this purpose really.
  • I've started the bugging, CCLI when logged in have a quick 3 question survey about how user friendly their site is, the 3rd one is a text box to suggest improvements, to which I have made the suggestion of an API. 

    I also suggested they could have a page to upload a csv file containing Song Number, Type(e.g. digital or print), Count, Date. 
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