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    Have you removed the select many verses for a bible reading feature?
    If I select more than 1 verse I get an array out of bounds error.

    There also seems to be caching problems. If you change the Theme in the top right hand corner then the change does not also get picked up when you select the next song. Like wise when you change the image backdrop for a song this is not always picked up.

    Is there any way for the "Go Live" song list to be scrollable with the wheel or a mouse. This would be useful.
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    No change was made to the multiple verse selection , so if it worked for RC4, it should be working for RC5.  Only the slide formatting was corrected. Can you display each verse individually?

    As regards the themeing, what theme format setting are you using? Verse level, OOS level or Global.  Maybe this is why things are looking strange.

    On the last issue, I'll add it to the future feature list.

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    Hi Guys.

    Thanks for the update. Seems you've ironed out a few more problems...

    I've still noticed a few small issues that haven't been resolved though.

    When Displaying song lyrics that contain commas in the verse, the commas aren't being displayed.

    I've noticed that you've added the option to include brackets (or not) around bible verses... I can't get it to work...

    If you allow a screensaver to come up while is running (but first select an item to display on the overhead but blank the screen), and then clear the screensaver, the screen is no longer blanked out... it displays the currently selected item.
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    I've experienced the same problem with list index out of bounds on bible verses.

    I think it might be related to the problem with the selection of brackets option. If I add verses with no brackets, no problems. As soon as I change the setting and add the same verse (after deleting the selection from the order of service) I get the list index out of bounds error.

    Individual verses don't seem to be affected
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    Ah, just the info I was looking for. Maybe that will help track down the problem.  I usually used the 'no brackets' option which would explain why I couldn't reproduce it. 
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    Hi.  Got the missing comma issue sorted, but I can't reproduce the screensaver bug.
    I displayed a verse live, blanked the screen, let the screensaver kick in and then cleared the screensaver.  No problem. Can you tell me what version of Windows you are using?  I'm on XP. If I'm getting something wrong in the simulation let me know. Thanks.

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    Got the same problem on two laptop's running XP. Default Windows Starfield screensaver. Will try determine more info to help identify the problem.
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    We have found a major issue. If you set the display to use monitor 1 in all previous releases it would disable the display screen. Very handy when we have, for example, a power point presentation or video playing on the 2nd monitor, but still need to work in openlp (preparing song lists etc before the service starts) and don't want the song display appearing over the top when openlp has focus. In RC5 if you set the visual display to appear on the primary monitor it appears over the top of the management interface, totally preventing you from using openlp (when is should disable it)!
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    I've just played around with this, and I don't get the 'output' screen at all if I switch to use Monitor 1 which I found odd. (Win XP). I also had a strange moment when I switched back to Monitor 2, and the 'output' appeared on Monitor and the management UI vanished completely! However I've not been able to duplicate it since.

    Regarding your problem, you may find a temporary workaround is to press the 'Alt' and 'Tab' keys at the same time. However I've noticed that when the management window is highlighted, the 'Output' window jumps to the foreground so this may not work.

    I think the "proper" solution should be to add a new feature request to be able to completely disable the output screen, in addition to the 'blank' option that currently exists. This would also solve another irritation I have when I'm setting up the order of service, to be able to open say Email in the second monitor and be able to see the two at the same time, rather than the output window jumping to the foreground as soon as I click on the management window.

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    Oddly the output screen also appears over the top of the task bar as well (We are using WinXP). I find it really strange that we are encountering this issue and other people are not. It seems pressing "ctrl+escape" and then "alt+tab" gets us back to the management interface some of the time (it can take several attempts). It has only started in RC5 (but happens everytime). Having an actual option to turn off the output display would be ideal.
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    I have now figured out how to replicate this bug! It seems to occur if the output display is set to use monitor 1 when openlp is closed. When you start it back up it exhibits the problem with the display overlapping the management interface. If you set it to output on monitor 2 and then restart openlp again, then set it back to monitor 1 it turns the output display off as expected. This means the current work around solution is to ensure that the output display is not set to monitor 1 when closing openlp.
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    Great, thanks for finding a way to reproduce it, now it should be easier to sort out.
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    Just noticed, minor quirk, but the book of Philemon is still out of sequence in the dropdown list of Bible books. It should be after Titus, rather than at the end.
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    Sorry for the delay in the reply....

    I've noticed that I can recreate the problem by selecting an item to display in openlp. Then blanking the screen. Then minimize openlp, then go to the display properties, then the screen saver tab. I don't have to change anything. Just click on OK. Then when I go back to openlp, the 'blank' screen will be replaced by the item that I had previously selected to display but blanked out.

    To get rid of the screen I have to unblank and then blank the screen again.
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    I guess one solution would be to not go into the display settings but I have this constant need to make sure that the screen saver isn't going to pop up in the middle of the pastors sermon...
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    Did you notice my bug-report elsewhere in this forum? This is still a live-bug in RC5:

    "Cursor position lost after Delete song" - The same problem applies to the 'Order of Service' window.
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    Hi Guys.

    I've finally figured out that it's not what I do after minimising openlp that causes the problem with the blank screen no longer being blank but rather in the method that I'm using to minimize it. I'm fond of keyboard shortcuts so I usually use the Windows key + D to minimize all. Then when I go back to openlp the screen is no longer blank....
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    I have added it to our bug-list.  Thanks.
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    I found another "cursor position lost" style bug. When you edit the lyrics of a song and then press [OK], the song list is updated, but the cursor is hidden. If you press an arrow key, the user discovers that the cursor has been returned to the first item in the list.

    This is annoying because often you want to drag the song you have just been editing into the Order of Service box.

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    I've got an issue with the lyrics/title/author search text box. starts filtering the songs as you type into this box, which in theory is good... However I have 2200 songs in my database, and so after typing the first character, there is a 3 second delay as it does the search before I can type the second char, a further 2 second delay before I can type the third char etc. This makes it very difficult to use.

    So is there is any possibility of either a non-blocking search (i.e. as soon as the second char is typed it aborts the currently running search and starts again) or an option to switch this feature off and instead replace with a "search" button that can be pressed once the whole search string is entered?

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    I'll have a look at that. It should be relatively easy to implement a non-blocking search using the existing code.

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    When editing an existing song, and clicking "OK" to save it please could I request:

    1. An hourglass to show it's doing something

    2. For the focus to go back to the song I just edited. (At the moment it scrolls back to the beginning of the list) When I'm mass editing songs which I've imported from Songs of Fellowship it's a tad annoying to have to keep scrolling back!

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    Had a bit of a fight with PowerPoint trying to set up a service. Office 2007 on Vista.

    First of all I added a ".pptx" file, but it looks as though you only remove the last 4 characters (rather than finding the location of the .) since the name had a trailing dot. Once adding it in the media manager, I was unable to open it, or even delete it!

    Went back to powerpoint and saved it as ".ppt" which was more successful. Added it to the order of service, tested it 'live', saved the order of service. Closed down

    Re-opened openlp, and it showed and hid the splash screen, but wouldn't go any further. (I have it set to open the last oos automatically). So renamed the oos file, openlp started fine. Opened the oos file manually (worked fine) but then tried to go live on the ppt, and just got lots of messages popping up telling me it couldn't find an image. (the ppt only had 4 slides in it, but got many more messages)

    (Oh and the last niggle whilst I'm here is that it doesn't refresh the operators view if the ppt has an automatic advance on it... possibly something to look at when you rework PPT handling after the 1.0 release?)

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