Duplicate Media

Hi There fellow OpenLP Users, please point me to an already open feed dealing with this issue if there is one.

Since upgrading from 2.0 - 2.2 we have had an issue whereby everytime we open up OpenLP it duplicates the videos listed under Media Tab.  We are now currently about 8-10 versions of the same video.  Not just one video, ALL of them.  So a list of about 10-15 videos is now over 50 long with duplicates of each and every item.  Can't seem to figure out why it is doing it.

We go in and delete the duplicates only to see them re-appear on next startup.  Do we have database issues?

I am at the point whereby I am going to uninstall and reinstate the entire thing.  We are running latest OSX and until the upgrade were working quite happily.

Any thoughts.


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