2.2.1 not detecting 2nd monitor

I was having a lot of problems with 2.4 that I won't get into at the moment so I decided to give 2.2.1 a try as our church is in a transition to Linux from Windows.  The only real issue I'm having is OpenLP-2.2.1 won't detect my connected 2nd monitor.  I have to use override and set dimensions that way.  What would cause the app to not detect my 2nd.  My second monitor is connected through Displayport -> HDMI adapter cable.  Not sure if that means anything.  I should also add that 2.4 detected the monitor without a problem.


  • I'm using 2.2.1 in my church too. I always have to connect the projector (and configure the Monitor preferences if needed) before to open OpenLP. Maybe it is the same problem.
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    hi.... i just bought a new laptop for the beamer in church... but now i have this same problem..... the laptop itself does detect and i can use the 2nd monitor... but in openLp, (in 2.2 as in 2.4 both) the projector is not detected......
    is this problem fixed yet?
    (it doenst matter if i connect it before or after startup, same issue)
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    oh my dear Lord.... it was just the (general tab) settings.... i still had the setting to project on monitor 1....... had to set it to monitor 2, works perfectly now... sorry :x 
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    i do have to mention, i was suspectin there was something wrong, because the projector didnt show up in the list of projectors...... and now while its working, this list of projectors is still empty... a bit strange tho
  • If you connect your projector with a VGA or HDMI cable, then it will show up as a monitor.

    If you connect to your projector via network, then it will show up as a projector.
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