Small Church Application

Completely new to OpenLP. Just got approval to spend a bare amount on visual presentation at our small country church.  Is it necessary to have internet available for presentation?  Will a tablet support OpenLP or will a laptop be better suited for it? Needing OpenLP for dummies!


  • No internet is necessary to run OpenLP.

    The lowest cost solution may not be the easiest to setup and use as it would probably be Linux based.

    You need a device that can drive a second monitor that can be either a large flat screen or a projector.

    My personal recommendation would be a windows 10 laptop or desktop as more people will be familiar with that environment than a Linux based system.
  • If you want to use the remote stuff (the android and ios apps, and the stage view), then you'll need a local network. So that means some sort of wireless and wired switch is probably a good idea.
  • I agree with PaulR and keep it on a low end Windows Laptop. 

    My congregation is a small group of about 15 people.  We use a 60" TV and an HDMI extender cable between the computer and the TV. 

    With HDMI you can play the sound through the TV but the quality is not there.  I would make sure you run it through your existing audio system if at all possible.

    I know this thread is a bit old but I hope it helps someone.  If I can be of any assistance please let me know as I have a very similar situation.

  • We were using an old Windows Vista machine until windows got too gunked up and no recovery disk. . . I've reloaded it with Linux (Ubuntu 16.04.1 currently) and a laptop for back up (Also Linux, but Ubuntu 16.10)... Works better on my Ubuntu installs than it did on Windows. 
  • We're a small church too.  We got a display-model Windows 10 laptop from Best Buy and an InFocus brand projector.  Inexpensive and functional.  No complaints!  :)
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