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We are having problems projecting lyrics off the computer onto the projector screen. We have a desktop PC with one monitor and a projector going through a switcher box. The projector shows everything thats on the screen of the monitor instead of just the lyrics. How do you set up the computer to display the lyrics without displaying what is on the computer?


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    You need a display card with at least 2 monitor outputs. One goes to your monitor and one to the projector.  Working through switcher box won't work unfortunately.
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    Thank you very much for your help! :-)
  • Hi, need a help. I have a Dell laptop (i5-6640HQ). I operate on Window 10 Pro. I have an Mi LED Smart TV 4A 43. I connect both via Miracast. I am able to connect my laptop to TV and duplicate the display. The issue is I can see the Openlp on TV but can't have the songs displayed on the full TV screen. When I try to extend the display, my laptop shows the song in full screen mode and the TV shows my laptop screen. (once I was able to set it up properly and wrote down the setting configurations but now it doesn't work). Navigation becomes very complicated. What I need is to have my laptop screen with openlp and other apps while my TV to only display the songs/bible I choose in live mode. I hope I am making sense. Interestingly when I use PPT it works well. Please, help as I want to use this great software for home devotions and bible study groups. Thanks and God bless you. 
  • Make sure you have your computer's monitors set up correctly:

    And then make sure OpenLP is set up correctly:

  • Thanks, by the grace of God could figure it out. While I was juggling between the laptop and TV screens, I had changed the screen setting in OpleLP. So, after fixing the first part, I went back to OpelLP setting, changed the display there to screen 2 and boom! It works! So, excited to use it. However, think the video legs I guess because of miracast connection. Should be ok with MDMI cable.
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