thumbnail size in stage-view


The stage viewer usage thumbnails from the original pdf of ppt slide. is there a way to create bigger thumbnails? On a stagediplay with a high resolution (1920 x 1080) is the thumbnail size to small.


  • Hi,
    This is currently not possible. If you need better quality, the main webview might be useful to you.
  • In Stage.js there is a line that wil display de thumbnail.

     text += "<br /><img src='" + slide["img"].replace("/thumbnails/", "/thumbnails320x240/") + "'><br />";

    So there must a line tha wil create a thumbnail?
  • I have been trying to edit the stage view files to do the same. I did confirm that editing the line that Arjan mentions in the stage.js file with new resolution numbers will make the thumbnail show larger on the screen.

    However, the powerpoint thumbnails are created as 320x240 and image thumbnails even smaller. This means that a larger displayed thumbnail just results in a blurry image that isn't usable.

    I've looked in some of the powerpoint plugin python files and tried updated the thumbnail creation commands to a larger resolution, but that doesn't seem to effect the thumbnail resolution.

    I'll also post a feature request to let the thumbnail resolution be set in the settings menus.
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