Extremely new to this software...  matter of fact, I haven't used anything like this before.  Basically learning as I go.  We are attending a church that as of a few months ago, wasn't open to the idea of a projector.  Fast forward a few months... projector and screen installed.  I saw some guys discussing how they liked OpenLP as much as anything else on the market.  

I guess I should get to the question...  How do I get a copy of the NLT to install on this program.  I assume I will have to pay for a copy, but I can't even find a place that will let me buy it.  If there are any free downloads of the NLT, that would be great!  I searched the forum but came up blank.


  • I had to source an NIV Bible and wrote my experience in the Discussion forum.

    1. Install eSword Bible reading software and obtain the Bible version you're after
    2. Import the resulting .bblx file into Simple Bible Reader (and wait for 'Cleaning text' to complete)
    3. Export to Opensong .xmm format
    4. Import into OpenLP
    I'm assuming the text wasn't corrupted during this process because I haven't done an in-depth check the result.
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