Projector control

I'm trying to include our Projector in OpenLP. At the moment I'm using a specific Software to control the Projector from Epson. 
My Problem is, that if I push the button in Open LP to make the Projector black nothing happens. If I press the Button to put the Projektor in Standy it switches off. What I want to do is, to use the AV-Mute function of the Projector and I thought, that OpenLP is doing that when you tell it in the Projector Control, that it should make the Projector black.
Can somebody help?


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    Hello Tobias -

    Several questions:
    1) OpenLP version you are using
    2) What model of Epson projector do you have
    3) Does the Epson projector you have conform to the PJLink protocol for projector control

    PJLink is a standard specification for basic projector controls that is controlled by the JBMIA (Japan Business Machine and Information System Industries Association).

    There should be a note in the documentation concerning PJLink compatibility if it is - although some companies make it more of a footnote.

    OpenLP projector control is currently written so it will only talk to projectors using the PJLink protocol.

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