Porting SongPro background images to Open LP themes


I'm looking at the feasibility of using OpenLP rather than SongPro. I've successfully imported our songs database, but all our songs have images behind them, some from the custom set in SongPro but many others produced by the two photographers we are blessed with at church. Is there any relatively simple way of creating the required themes and assigning them to the songs?

I'm partly a programmer by background and have been working with IT for over 25 years so I'm willing to have a stab at most things.



  • Hi Debbie,
    There is no existing tool for importing images to themes, but it should be possible to make one. Try to create a theme in OpenLP, and then open the OpenLP datafolder from the tools menu. Go to the theme folder and you should be able see what makes up a theme in OpenLP: A folder, a json file and an image.
    If you can write a tool that can create this based on your existing images you should be good to go :-)
    If you want to link specific songs to specific themes you must do it manually or look into the song database with an sqlite tool.
    Best of luck :-)
  • Hi Debbie
    Firtsly, how did you import your songs database from Songpro, did the backgrounds from Songpro cause any problems when importing?
    Personally I'm lovong the direct import of songs from SongSelect into OpenLP
    Did you make any progress with writing a tool?

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