How do you plan on marketing 1.0?

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With the release of 1.0, we want the world to know about You can help market 1.0 by telling all your friends, posting a note or a link to your facebook profile, etc.

Tell us how you plan to market, and let's build a list of ideas that anyone can do to help market the project!


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    Since I posted this topic, I'll start the suggestions...

    - Blog on about the release
    - Add a posted item on my facebook profile
    - Add a note on my facebook profile
    - Add a news story on (will get promoted to front page if deems it important enough)
    - Announce it on some local FLOSS/L-UG mailing lists

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    Hi Raoul [spelt correctly this time :-)],

    Seeing as you opened this blog up to the entire community...

    I have lots of useful ideas but must admit I'm not yet familiar with all the technical terms you're using eg. FLOSS/L-UG.

    I'm not technically challenged though and work in another dept (Support) near to Derek (Hi Derek!) hence word-of-mouth was my starting point some (long) time back.

    I am keen to help where you need it so what are your greatest needs at the mo: Support, documentation, distribution, etc...?

    Marketing suggestions:-

    A1. Run reliable anti-virus, anti-spam and spybot software (eg. before inviting the masses. Have a startup manual available as a separate download. Have backup mirrors available from the start. Investigate the spybot site for how they grew and leveraged their Freeware software - ask Patrick M Kolla (Spybot author in Germany and very difficult to reach) for advice.

    A2. Concentrate the efforts now leading up to holidays and Christmas instead of closing down as it seems logical that more churches would be looking at sourcing beamers now before Christmas, and planning budgets for the new year (including unnecessary pay software with various "lock-in" marketing ideas).

    1. Post mentions and links to from various relevant places within;

    2. Describe as FREEWARE beamer software (for churches) on freeware sites.

    3. Drop a few complete leaflets (screenshot included) and a cd under the door of various church denominations in your area specifically asking them to make mention of it in their newletters world-wide and let the churches do what they do so well - word-of-mouth distribution. Include typical prices of beamer, screen, PC, etc and where to get them. Include a market research questionaire during this door-to-door distribution for improved market uptake. Train the trainer concept can be used here too and save you lots of support issues in the medium term.

    4. If you have a secular version available it would be useful for Kareoki [sp?], displays, demos, specific presentations, etc and you would have 100-fold more visits to your site(s) and umpteen more mentions and links from various sources. You'd also have to buffer your sites and software for various types of intrusions. Again, similar to what have had to contend with over the years.

    Hope this helps grow your forum,


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    If I manage to finish my german translation (strings from 1.0RC2 finished 40% right now) I will create a free (only shipping) CD service for germany (on this website?).


    The problem is that it is hard to figure out which strings are missing and which are obsolete. Probably one of the devs can write a tool that compares translations to the basefile (e.g. English) 

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    The problem is that it is hard to figure out which strings are missing
    and which are obsolete. Probably one of the devs can write a tool that
    compares translations to the basefile (e.g. English)

    Hmmm.... I can have a go at this... if I come up with anything, I'll let you know. Send me an e-mail.

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    Start a twitter account. Its a very viral and personal way to spread your news and keep users updated on whats going on.

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    Good idea, I hadn't thought of that. Now just to figure out how to get the site to post the latest news to Twitter.

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    There are (or at least were) modules in drupal to do this.

    Alternatively, try which looks at the RSS feed and automatically posts entries to your twitter account.

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    I use this on my personal site, seems to work well!

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    Hmmm...maybe we should remove the 1.0 from this forum thread? I'm going to do what I can to promote openlp. I work at a Christian University and will try to spread the word there...


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