OpenLP on Puppy Linux

Hi people

I'm trying to install OpenLp(2.4) into a lightweight Xenialpuppy linux distrubution(x396) on a USB stick - The idea is that I can have a portable verision of linux/OpenLP which would be able to run on any computer from usb without monster reconfigurations 

This version of puppy uses the Xenial deb repositories and then converts (removing most of the non-critical data) to a suitable pet for the OS.
I can install openlp (though it complains about a missing library) and the OpenLp starts the install process. However, openlp crashes everytime when starting with a segment fault and the log file gives no information regarding what is happening.

Is there a way in which I can work out what is going wrong, how to debug the problem so I can fix and eventually run openlp? Is there a way to list all the libraries required? I'm not a newbie and am comfortable with linux/Python but I just need some more information about what is going wrong




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