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 Up to a month ago  I was using Power Point in SoftMaker Presentations. I downloaded OpenLP and I was able to load our Traditional Anglican Church Liturgy.  But beyond that I cannot get anything to work.  Everything seems to be in the Service Manager but I am having no luck at all with going beyond that. I have tried everything I can get access to in an effort to get this to work for me but all to no avail. I am almost ready to give up on it.  But before I do, here goes one last effort.  Can anyone give me any help at all?  It would certainly be deeply appreciated. Thank you in advance.



  • Hi Wally,

    Could you please describe what it is you are trying to do? Maybe having a look at the manual will help you:
  • Hi Wally,

    People from many parts of the world are using OpenLP and have been delightedly pleased with what this wonderful software can do for them as it has done for me and my church (and my cell group! :)).

    Do let us know what difficulties you are facing and I am sure many would jump in to help you as many have for me!

    Bless you!
  • First, thank you so much for replying. I have gone to the manual several times and followed anything and everything that was applicable to my problems but still I could not get our Anglican Liturgy to work in Open LP. So I will try to explain further what is going on. Ok for the past two years I have been using the slide presentation available with the free office system called Kingsoft Free Office,  which on the net now is WPS. I had no problem doing the service on overhead using this system. But I wanted to try something which I was told and which I felt was a little better, namely OPen LP. I downloaded the program and followed the instructions. I imported the slides that I was using in the old program of WPS into OpenLP ,but I cannot get beyond that. It just will not do a presentation for me. One of the things it  keeps telling me is that the plugins are not activated, when in fact they are because I have gone through that process time and time again. I can see and read all of the Liturgy items in the Service Manager which shows all of the slide numbers etc. the songs are all there but that's it.I can't get any of it to load.  So please, you tell me what is it that I am doing wrong? I have un-installed  and re-installed but still no luck. Is there a problem with the files I have on my computer?  Is there a problem with the fact that I am trying to use the WPS Slide Presentation that I was using all along?  Are some of the entries  I am using corrupt?  Or is it that I am just not computer literate enough to work it all out?  When I search the net and read about how other Churches and other people find it so easy to use this Program, I ask myself why is it that I find it so difficult. There's got to be an answer and when I find it, I will probably marvel at how simple it was and yet I missed it. Thank you. 
  • Which operating system are you on and what version? And which version of OpenLP - and how did you install it?

    I don't know WPS Office, but yes, the cause of your trouble might be that you are using WPS files. What format are the slides saved in? ppt, pptx, odp or something else? Note that you should install LibreOffice if you haven't already.

  • I am using Windows 10, Home edition,  64 Bit. and OpenLP is 2.4, slides are saved in ppt..  I am not familiar with 
    LibreOffice and wondering what part that plays in using OpenLP.?  I don't know what type of Worship Service you have installed on your OpenLp but I think it would be very helpful to me if you could tell me the step by step method that you used to set up you OpenLP Prestentations for your Church Worship. Thank you so much
  • At the top of your window go to Settings> Configure OpenLP>Presentations and make sure that PPT or/and PPT Viewer are checked. Just want to make sure you have that done first.

    Now, in the Media Manager on the left, select the Presentation tab, and then click the blue file button. If you hover over this it should say "Load a new presentation." Browse to your presentation and add it to the presentation window.

    Click the presentation you have loaded and then click the + button at the top of the Presentation window. If you hover over this button it should say "Add the selected presentation to the service."

    In the Service Manager window on the right, you should see your presentation. Click on your presentation to show it live.

    I'm not sure where you are in this process so I apologize if I have stated the obvious. But maybe this will help you confirm for us at what point you are having problems.
  • @Tomlikesfree pretty much says it all, though I would like to add that LibreOffice is an alternative to using PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer (note that only PowerPoint Viewer 2007 is supported). I would recommend LibreOffice over PowerPoint Viewer since it works better with OpenLP, though there can be some compatibility issues with PowerPoint generated presentations.
    You can get LibreOffice for free at
  • Wally,

    We are an Old Catholic Church and use OpenLP for our Liturgy. We chose not to do presentations but rather created custom slides. I'd be happy to do a computer screenshare with you and help you get things set up if you wanted. Just let me know.
  • Oh, yes I would be more than happy to do that. Just let me know how it can be done and of course when each of us are
    available to do it.  I will be away for the rest of the day today but will be back about 7:00 pm.,
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