Suggestion: Folders for Custom Slides

I think it would be great to see folders added to custom slides as a way to organize slides. We have many slides that we use over the course of a year and it'd be helpful to be able to organize them by theme/season/etc.

Thanks for your consideration.

Grace and peace,


  • I think this would be a useful addition too.

    We currently have service templates set up for type of services eg. Methodist Communion, CofE communion, Christmas Eve Service etc. Currently we have to be careful about the naming of the different liturgy parts so that they can be identified if editing is required. These names have to be fairly long so that they order together correctly. eg. "Liturgy-CofE-Christmas Eve v1-Opening Words". One mistake causes problems and the list is getting quite long after two years of use. If they were in folders they would be easy to find. Groups like that use in the images library would work too.

    A temporary way to stop over writing inadvertently would help also. Perhaps a flag to tick if you require a overwrite warning for that custom slide.

    Thanks for all the work the developers do.


  • We have quite a lot of custom slides that we use throughout the year. I have wanted folders for awhile now.
    Would be a great feature to add.
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