Copy a presentation to another computer / laptop

Help! I'm a complete Beginner at OpenLP... I have created a service on my desktop PC (because it's much easier to use), but now I need to copy the complete presentation onto my laptop, ready for use at church. It includes an MP4 video, custom slides, songs, images etc.
I don't even know the questions to ask - so if you could talk me through it step by step, I'd be very grateful!
God bless.


  • Hello philiptory  -

    The way it normally works -
    - On your desktop, create a list of what you would like to show at church in the Service Manager. At this point, you can also optionally rearrange the order of the items.
    - Select File -> Save Service, then remember where you saved the service file as well as the name
    - Copy the service file to your laptop
    - On your laptop, select File -> Open Service

    Once you open the file, it will show up in the Service Manager. That should be it.

    The service file you create will include all of the songs/bible verses/pictures/videos that were listed in the Service Manager. The only real issue might be if you use different versions of OpenLP between your desktop and your laptop.

    Thank you for using OpenLP and hope you enjoy it's features.
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