How do I access the bible file I'm looking for

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I am a new (and clueless) user. I am attempting to follow the instructions to download other Bible versions using the Bible Import Wizard but now I'm stuck.  On the "Select Import Source" tab, I"ve selected OSIS, but where do I find the bible file?  Is there something I must download from the internet to access this file?


  • Due to licensing OpenLP cannot distribute a number of popular translations of the Bible (they refuse to give it away, and want large sums of money before they will even talk to you).

    With this in mind, we created the import wizard so that people who obtain copies of their translation in the formats that we support can import their Bible into OpenLP. OSIS is one of these formats.

    If you're looking for a particular translation, try searching the forums for other users who have it.
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    OK, so I think I am struggling with the user manual.  So I installed Xiphos which is a Sword Project program as i understand must take place first.  After installing it, I used the command used in the manual substituting the KJV to the ESV, my version of choice. In the end, I received the message "Your Bible Import Failed".  How can get the import to "pass?"
  • As an alternative to the exporting from SWORD modules and importing the result (which isn't working that great as you has experienced), you can download it in OpenSong format and import that. Find it here:
    Just unzip it and import using the OpenSong bible importer.
  • @themeetingplace, did you get that resolved?  Please let us know if you still need assistance.
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