Any Update on 2.6

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Windows 7
First thank you for all your hard work on building this and keeping it going. I was looking around for updates on 2.6 but haven't found any. Is there any timeline for when we can expect to see it? Looking forward to being able to using the motion backgrounds and some of the other things that have been talked about.


  • We are an open source project, driven by volunteers who code in our spare time between other commitments such as church, family and work. In addition to this, our project leader is in the middle of moving to another continent, so hasn't had much time to work on OpenLP.

    Additionally, there are a number of big changes happening in 2.6, most of which are still underway and needing more than 1 person's time.

    In short, we can't give you a timeline.
  • Is there any commit log, roadmap, etc so we can track progress towards 2.6?  (I'm assuming there are specific goals that must all be met before 2.6 gets released.)
  • No, there isn't really a roadmap that you can follow. You're welcome to watch our code at or hang out in our IRC channel (#openlp on Freenode), or listen in on our mailing list (full details on our wiki at I've also been moving continents, so I've been unable to sit down and sort things out for the last few months.
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