Export Custom Formatting Tags

I now have 2 laptops running 2.4.3 and Windows 10. We share a data folder using Google Drive. It works great so far with no issues.

My question is this: How do I ensure that the custom formatting tags between the two laptops stay in sync? Is there a way to export them and then import them?


  • Hi frtommy!

    On Windows, custom formatting tags are stored in the HKCU (current user) registry hive, in:


    Here is a PowerShell module/script that you could use.
    Copy/paste the text below into something like notepad and save to a filename ending in .psm1 (I chose OLPCustTagsInOut.psm1).

    function Export-OLPFormatReg {
    (Get-ItemProperty HKCU:\SOFTWARE\OpenLP\OpenLP\formattingTags -Name html_tags).html_tags | Out-File $RegOutFilePath
    function Import-OLPFormatReg {
    $CustomFormattingTags = Get-Content $RegInFilePath
    Set-ItemProperty HKCU:\SOFTWARE\OpenLP\OpenLP\formattingTags -Name html_tags -Value $CustomFormattingTags -Type String

    Then from a PowerShell prompt on the source computer, enter (adjust filename/path as necessary):

    Import-Module C:\PSModules\OLPCustTagsInOut.psm1
    Export-OLPFormatReg C:\Public\Documents\OlpCustTags.txt

    Copy/create the PowerShell module and exported tags file to the target computer, then from a PowerShell prompt (again, adjust filename/path as necessary):

    Import-Module C:\PSModules\OLPCustTagsInOut.psm1
    Import-OLPFormatReg C:\Public\Documents\OlpCustTags.txt

    Hope that's helpful!

  • Thanks @monyker

    Just a note for anyone else who runs across this. In order to get the PowerShell Script to run I have to run PowerShell as Administrator and run the following line
    Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -Scope CurrentUser

    This sets the Execution policy on the computer to allow scripts to be run. It will prompt you with an are you sure and I selected A for Yes to All.

    After that the script ran fine.

  • Hi,
    Could someone please tell me where these formatting tags are located in a mac OS? Thanks. 
  • @simonranjith ; Try using the file->export->settings as described in the manual.  The Formatting tabs will be in the backup and can be restored to the same or another computer.
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