Displaying a webpage

Has anyone found a way to display/embed a webpage with OpenLP or along side. The specific use is to project screen adverts on a loop from our church website. (I know how to make a loop of images in OpenLP, just trying to do the work once and have it display everywhere - hence display a webpage)


  • See my comment on your other post in the forums. Otherwise I know some folks on the forums were playing with embedding web pages. There's a search box in the top right corner.
  • It's a bit hit and miss,(actually it's a whole lot hit and miss) but worth trying...

    Settings > Configure formatting tags
    I create a new tag called, "web"...

    Start code is:
    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=

    Close code is:

    Then create a custom slide with:
  • I realize this is 4 years old. but...

    sirhcllenrad your solution is more Hit than miss other than openlp is finicky about the strt tag not being complete html code. 

    So I got it to work. My question is why on remote on my Android, the webpage won't display in Live View. Just show a black screen with web (name of my tag) in lower left corner.

    I used a youtube video.

    AND my phone seems to cause the video to play twice if it was already displaying the video in the PC application Live View.

    Any Ideas?

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