Adding an Image In Custom Slides that will loop

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Windows 10
I would like to add a  Jpeg into the custom slides.  For Example,  I run announcements through custom slides at the beginning of the service.  These announcements loop, but I would like to incorporate some images (Like "Welcome to Our Service" or special Slides that are different than the theme).  Any idea on how to put an image in a loop with custom slides?   I know I can do this by using the Image tool, and firing each item manually within the service manager, but would be much easier if everything pre-service was on auto pilot for us.  Thanks, and looking forward to suggestions.


  • This is currently not possible, but it is a known feature request.
  • I just saw this.  It is possible to insert images into Custom Slides, but it's a bit of a workaround.  Remember that custom slides get rendered as HTML pages, so technically they can do everything HTML can if you're willing to put in the work.

    We added a Custom Formatting Tag (Settings -> Configure Formatting Tags).  You can give it whatever name & description you like (we named ours img).  The Start HTML part is <img src="file:///C:/Users/NCF-AV/Documents/OpenLP/Images/ and the End HTML is "/>

    To insert the image, we use something like {img}picture-name.jpg{/img} in the Custom Slide.

    Note: This is just a basic HTML command to insert an image with quotes put around the path name. We put all our OpenLP images in one folder, so the above works for us.  Your path is guaranteed to be different, so make sure to change it.  You don't have to put the full path in the custom tag, but if you don't you'll have to specify the path in the Custom Slide itself.

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