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Opening a Presentation takes forever...


I just tried to load in my first 2 presentations and it took a crazy long time.  Is that normal?  I clicked the Load button, selected two Powerpoint files, and clicked OK.  I went to 50% right away and then sat there for 4-5 minutes.  As I was starting to type this the first one finally showed up and now it's stuck doing the 2nd one.  I guess it is actually doing something but what would be causing it to take so long?  The files are only 10 or so slides long so it's not like they are giant files or anything.



  • Well, after letting it sit for an hour or more, I finally just closed out of the Powerpoint Viewer program that I noticed was open at the bottom, which brought me back to OpenLP.  The 2nd presentation showed up in the list but it didn't have a thumbnail at all and showed a red X.  I was able to add it to a service and it seemed to scroll through the slides just fine.  No idea why it just sat there frozen for so long or if eventually would have finished on its own but I highly doubt it.

    Anyone have any ideas?
  • The only time I've had a similar issue with a presentation was on my poor underpowered netbook, which eventually opened the presentation. Never had the issue on any other machine I've used, but I don't use Windows, so the comparison may be moot anyway.
  • Unfortunately the PowerPoint Viewer support is a bit shaky, and only works with the dated 2007 version.
    Instead I'd recommend using LibreOffice, if that is an acceptable alternative.
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