Recommendations for two synchronized instances

I am adding a second projector for a special event (and possibly permanently).  Driving both projectors from a common source using a signal splitter and cabling is not possible given the sanctuary design.  My only option is to run two instances of OpenLP on separate hosts (both Raspberry Pis).

Does anyone have recommendations for synchronizing the two instances?  My initial thoughts were to try network keyboard sharing or remote control via some sort of TCP packet replication (I don't even know if OpenLP's protocols would allow for the latter).  I presently control OpenLP, running on a Pi, remotely from an Android tablet, but I am open to suggestions.


  • Can't you use the "main" view of the built-in web remote?
  • Thanks, Raoul. Your solution is simple and the "main" view functionality is elegant.  Unfortunately, the lag is severe.  I count almost 8 seconds delay between the change on the OpenLP screen and the appearance of the update in a kiosk-mode chromium browser running on the other host.  For now, I'm using a sorry hack pushing Down and Right hotkeys over the network.  I'm still eager to hear other solutions.
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    That's really terrible lag. The display should be no more than a second behind (technically no more than half a second), so it's weird that yours is 8 seconds. What are the specs of the other host? What about your network? Are either of the computers on a wireless section of the network? What operating system are the computers running? Windows' network stack is notorious for being slow (at least when I last used Windows 10 years ago).
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