How do I keep in sync?

Hi all,
Next week, I'll be presenting at a conference of some 4,000 people, with streams going live to a few offsite locations. First time for me to present at this conference using OpenLP. Because of the "importance" of the event, I make sure that I have a backup computer.
With the previous programme I used, I could store all of my data and song files in the cloud - specifically, I used Dropbox - even though it wasn't designed for such use. Now, I have read a few threads which specifically advise against using Dropbox; one thread talked about the frequency and speed of changes to the files in OpenLP.

So, my question is, how can I keep files available to both computers? Hopefully I won't need access to the second computer, but I want, at the very least, to have all the songs, themes, and any Custom Formatting Tags available on the second machine, and have that right from the beginning. Any edits that have to be done during the conference will be a lot easier than having to start from scratch.

Thanks for any advice,


  • Like I've said before, some people currently do this and have not experienced any negative side-effects, but OpenLP was not designed with this in mind, so while it is certainly possible, I will always advise against it.
  • Thanks, Raoul. But how do you advise is the best way? Any way?
  • At my church we just put the service files in Dropbox. New songs would automatically be added to the projection computer through OpenLP's built in feature, but we didn't try to specifically synchronise anything. That's what I would recommend for most churches. In your situation, I don't really have an alternative recommendation that will be easy or automatic.
  • Thanks for your comments, Raoul.

    What I've decided to do is export songs, settings, and the theme to a cloud provider, then on the other computer I can import each of those. I need to export and import the settings and the theme only once, but I will do that export and import process for the songs each time major changes are made.

    The process isn't difficult, but it certainly isn't automatic. I don't know if I could automate the process, but my skills aren't at the level. 
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