[SOLVED] Custom Formatting broken in 2.4.4 (upgrading from 2.2.1)

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Hi all,

We're trying to upgrade from 2.2.1 to 2.4.4, and I've done some testing and found that important Custom Formatting code breaks in 2.4.4.  I'd appreciate any help you can give me!

For our worship songs, we use the built-in Blue Burst theme with some minor tweaks for our screen (manual positioning, screen size, etc).  For some of our songs, we want to display left-aligned or right-aligned text on the same line as the centered lyrics, and we don't want that text to affect the position of the centered text.

This is the Custom Formatting code we use in 2.2.1 to left-align text:
Tag: lt  (that's LT for LEFT)
Start HTML: <span style="position:absolute;text-align:left;">
End HTML: </span>

This doesn't work in OpenLP 2.4.4 - I forget exactly how it breaks (after SO MANY attempts to fix it), but it overlaps the output or puts it in the wrong spot or pushes it off the screen (the various other ways I've seen this break while trying to fix it, hehe).  Was webkit updated?  Any idea why that doesn't work?  Most importantly, any idea how to fix this?  I've tried various combinations including float, overflow, columns, tables, etc but I'm not exactly an expert so I could really be missing something.

In case it's helpful to anyone else, I just got some help from a web developer friend of mine.  The above works just fine when span is replaced with div.  It doesn't even add any extra line breaks thanks to the position:absolute part.  Also, to right align, use this instead:
Start HTML: <div style="position:absolute;text-align:right;width:100%;">
End HTML: </div>


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