Power point takes too long to load

Hello, sorry if this is really obvious but we are just starting to use Open Lp. The one issue I seem to keep coming up against is that a PowerPoint takes about 10 seconds to load from clicking on it to go live (even if PowerPoint itself is open). Do you think this is an issue with open lp or with PowerPoint?


  • Hi Tim, is PowerPoint open the whole time OpenLP is running, or do you close it? OpenLP opens PowerPoint when it starts up so that there are no unnecessary delays when you want to project a presentation. Also, there are lots of places between OpenLP and PowerPoint where there might be a delay. It might be due to an older computer, or PowerPoint itself being slow. Maybe try seeing if you can determine if PowerPoint is taking a while to load a presentation?
  • When we had this problem we developed a workaround, The issue seemed to be a combination of very large powerpoint (many slides) and a very slow computer. We would pre-load the powerpoint in the preview window and then send it live. Sending live from the preview window seemed faster. It was as if whatever needed to happen in the background had happened when it was sent to preview. That was for an older version of OpenLP so I don't know if it will work.
  • We have a reasonably new PC.  Powerpoint standalone launches in about a second, but moving to a service plan item that is a Ppt presentation takes around 7 seconds for the first slide to display.  Nearly all of the delay is before the Powerpoint icon appears on the Windows taskbar, so I'd guess it's whatever OpenLP is doing before launching Ppt that is taking the time.  As the previous commenter noted, it's a bit faster if we preload it to the preview window.
  • A little more info on this issue.  As someone says above, Ppt is running whenever OpenLP is running so it's not the launch time of Ppt causing the delay.  During the 7 second delay, Ppt is (according to Task Manager) using 50%-ish of CPU time.  The icon in the taskbar is a bit of a red herring: although it only appears after about 6 seconds, Ppt is clearly actively running before that appears.  I removed all the presentations from the library and then deleted all the subfolders in data/presentations/thumbnails, of which many had long seemingly random names composed of hex digits, and then re-added presentations to the library.  That seemed to help a bit: the time to display is now about 5-6 seconds.  I also noticed that the files in the thumbnails folder are (re)created at the time the presentation is sent to live, and I wonder if that's what's causing the delay.  I would have thought that it was only necessary to create the thumbnails when the presentation was added to the service plan (or when it was added to the library, though that might cause a problem if the presentation was subsequently changed).  I.also tried converting the presentation to Impress and PDF, and both of these are pretty well as slow.  I am running Ppt 2007 on Windows 10 on an HP 265 laptop.
  • Thanks for your detailed analysis @PeterCS! Since most of the developers don't use Windows, we can't always troubleshoot specifically Windows-only issues. We'll take a look and see if something can be done about it.
  • A little more on this Powerpoint issue and it may also be relevant to the issues of thumbnails not being seen in the upper pane of the live panel reported by others.  In OpenLP 2.4.2, when a Ppt item was added to the library, a folder was created in data/presentations/thumbnails with the same name as the Ppt file - eg myslides.pptx.  This folder contains 2 files per slide - a thumbnail file and a title file.  In 2.4.5 this has changed.  The folder now has a name which is a string of hex digits (call this folder A).  (This means incidentally that a service plan created in 2.4.2 and run in 2.4.5 will not be able to find the thumbnails.)  However there is another issue: in 2.4.5 another folder (folder B) with a different hex-digit name but identical contents is created in /thumbnails when the item is sent to live for the first time.  It stays there when the item is no longer live.  If the item is removed from the library, folder A is deleted but not folder B, which seems to remain for ever.  Moreover, if the same same Ppt item is added to another service plan and sent to live, another new folder is created (folder C) with the same contents and a different name - and these additional folders seem never to be deleted.  It would seem more logical to create only the icon file when the item is added to the library, and then (re-)create the thumbnails when the item is added to the service plan.  That way, if the Ppt is a set of slides that is changed (eg notices before the service) from week to week before it is added to that week's service plan, the updated slides and thumbnails will be shown.  There seems to me to be no reason ever to have more than one set of thumbnails for a single Ppt file as only one of them can be correct at any one time, and creating the thumbnails when an item is sent to live is bound to be slow for a Ppt containing lots of slides.  Sorry for the long comment!
  • Thanks again @PeterCS excellent work! Can you tell me the actual names of the folders (even if they change)? I want to see if I can recognise a pattern.
  • Hope the following helps.  It looks like the folder names are some sort of checksum that includes the file contents and its full path.  Let me know if you need anything more.

    Test 1
    Add myslides.pptx to library
    - folder 39bfe32b05807062df604ba7024d4a34 appears in data/presentations/thumbnails
    Add myslides.pptx to service plan
    - nothing changes in thumbnails
    Send it to live
    - folder c45c4389c3a7bb8a3ea0aebc21b2d50e appears in thumbnails
    Send something else to live and remove myslides.pptx from plan
    - nothing changes in thumbnails
    Delete myslides.pptx from library
    - 39bfe32b05807062df604ba7024d4a34 is deleted from thumbnails but c45c4389c3a7bb8a3ea0aebc21b2d50e remains

    Test 2
    Add myslides.pptx (same file) to library again
    - folder 39bfe32b05807062df604ba7024d4a34 reappears in data/presentations/thumbnails
    Add to service plan and send to live
    - nothing changes, ie both folders still there
    Remove from service plan, delete from library, close OpenLP
    - c45c4389c3a7bb8a3ea0aebc21b2d50e remains

    Test 3
    Repeat Test 2 after quitting and restarting OpenLP
    Same result as Test 2

    Test 4
    Repeat Test 2 but opened copy of myslides.pptx from a different location
    - folder c0a8a8d07494b601675613495be4ec6f appears
    Add to service plan and sent to live
    - folder 45145f6cc5b7b83b4a426285a3cdc9a4 appears
    Remove from service plan and delete from library
    - folder c0a8a8d07494b601675613495be4ec6f disappears (c45c... and 4514... remain)

    Test 5
    Changed content of myslides.pptx in same location as test 4, added to library
    - folder c0a8a8d07494b601675613495be4ec6f appears
    Add to service plan and send to live
    - no new folder appears, but 45145f6cc5b7b83b4a426285a3cdc9a4 has been updated (timestamp updated)

  • Thanks again @PeterCS. After chatting with some of the other developers, I was told that the method which we used to name the folders was indeed changed. This was to prevent two presentations with the same name from overwriting each other (my guess is that some folks just name their presentations "Sunday Presentation" or something generic like that). We've chatted about figuring out a way to generate a reproducible hash (something that clearly isn't happening at the moment).
  • OK, that's great.  We can live with it for now.  Many thanks for your help.
  • If you are unable to deleting / renaming / copying the files due to their long path issue so i suggest to try "Long Path Tool" software.

  • If File Path is too long then I would like to suggest you, try Long Path Tool program to resolve this issue.

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