[Feature Request] Webview Autoupdate

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Would it be possible to fix the main webview for remote, to properly update with PowerPoint slides that have animation? Every time we advance a slide, either the site does not update or if it does, you see a mid transition slide instead of the new one.

Could you either add an autorefresh timer, or fix the code, so that after a transition, the webview auto-refreshes/-updates?



  • We are aware of issues with the remotes, but the "fix" is a much bigger job, so it will only be in a new version of OpenLP (as opposed to a bug fix release).
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    Also encounterd this problem, in the Webview it lagged behind by one Powerpoint slide.. I will use the Webview/main for our livestream in OBS, until I find a better solution..

    But for the problem, wouldn't it be enough to just validate if the two slideCounts match? This is no fix for the mid-animation-screenshots, but I think it is not effective to compare the screenshots in javascript.

    Maybe there is a better solution, but it would really help all to have a fix:

    Sorry for posting it here in the forum, but couldn't find the Webview-Remote from this Version 2.4.6 on gitlab

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