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Openlp 2.4.[45] network conversation seizing up with Openlp Android Remote 2.0 version 2

When OpenLP 2.4.4 first came out in late November I switched to it from 2.4.3 and immediately had problems with our Android Remote 2.0 version 2 starting to behave slowly and then erratically during the service. Hadn't had a problem on 2.4.3 so I just switched back. 2.4.3 + Remote 2.0 version 2 has worked without a hitch.

This last week we switched to 2.4.5 and tested and it seemed good and then during the service the remote got slower and slower and eventually wouldn't function reporting network errors. I broke out a second Android device and the OpenLP remote software behaved the same as the slow one immediately. I resorted to working a keyboard for the remainder of the service.

After the service the OpenLP remote was still erratic. If I called up the live list, sometime it would display completely, sometime just the service side, sometime just the current item side. Press the next button and sometimes it would respond normally in <1sec, sometimes it took 5 seconds sometimes not at all. I switched to the web interface on the same device and this worked perfectly normally, switched back to the Remote app and it still didn't work.

OpenLP Remote had crashed several times in erratic mode so I knew restarting the App didn't fix the problem. I rebooted the Android device and OpenLP Remote returned to working normally. 

I have spent the last hour trying to replicate the problem but have failed.

Has anyone else seen this kind of problem with 2.4.4/2.4.5 and the Android OpenLP Remote 2.0 version 2?


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