After saving and reopening service, PowerPoints no longer have thumbnails.

Hi, I posted this in "General", but then realised it should be here, so it's in both places. Sorry about that.

I have this problem on two Windows 10 PCs both running 2.4.5.  When you first import a PowerPoint it seems fine, and you can preview it and see the thumbnails of all the slides in the preview and/or live window. But when you save the service and reopen, the thumbnails are gone, in preview and in the live window. Instead you just get one pale blue screen as the first PPT slide, and then all the other slides are just blank white rectangles. If you click on a white rectangle though, it will display the appropriate PowerPoint slide to the projector. I've found a folder in the data where these images are created, and they're still there when the service is reopened, but no thumbnails. Very strange. Of course this makes OpenLP not usable with PowerPoints, sadly.

In order to restore the thumbnails, you have to delete the PPT from the service and then re-insert it. Then it works again. I've been trying to sort it all afternoon and made no progress, and this is on 2 PCs running Windows 10. This PC has PowerPoint 2010 as the presentation software and we're running the lastest OpenLP. I did try disabling the PowerPoint 2007 and Powerpoint viewer 2007 on the other PC and installing and selecting Impress, but that will not import the ppts at all.

We used OpenLP in our previous church for years, and it was great. Now in the new church we have posh Easy Worship, but it keeps crashing mid-song, and so I thought we would go back to my favourite OpenLP, but no luck so far. Thank you to all of you for your hard work for the Kingdom. 


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