[feature request] Bible with Strong's reference numbers

I realise this one is rather left field but our church would find it extremely helpful as we frequently delve into the hebrew words.


  • This isn't quite the same thing, but you can show 2 or more translations of a passage at once.  You would need your regular Scripture version (KJV/ESV/NIV/etc), and Hebrew/Greek version to show in parallel.  I haven't tried that and I don't know how well it would work, but that might be a decent work-around for now.  (Either that, or else someone has to manually prep the text for each service, and put it in a Custom Slide or PPT or something.)
  • Thanks Milon, that would work for people who understood Hebrew, but most still rely on the strong's translation.  I don't expect this to go anywhere since it would require some significant coding work to display the related content of the thought I'd throw it out there for posterity.
  • That certainly excludes me. ;)

    Yeah, I didn't think that through very well. Even if you had/made a "Strong's Only" version, it would still be really hard visually to reconcile the two. :/
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