Trying to copy files from one computer to another, but can't copy images


I've copied the Data folder files from my home computer to the church computer recently. I normally just save a service plan made from my home computer and run it on the church computer. But recently I was putting together a service on the church computer, and realised that there were none of the usual images available to choose from (only the thumbnails were present in the images folder).

Am I right to think that the database only pull in image files saved elsewhere on the computer, with the location in the database but no images saved locally? 

Is it possible to reliably copy images (and media and custom slides) from a service plan file on a memory stick to another computer? I haven't been able to do it myself. Is there a workaround for this, or do I need to gather up all the images from various folders and transfer them to the other computer in order to import them?


  • Service files should already contain everything you need for a service, including images and presentations. I think there might be an upper limit on file size (just so that people don't shoot themselves in the foot), but it's around 50MB. Make sure you're saving an OSZ file, not an OSZL.

    For moving an entire OpenLP installation, I recommend reading up on the "Backing up" and "Restoring" topics in our manual at
  • Thanks Raoul,
    Maybe I should make the question clearer. There is no problem with having the items available on the service plan file (.osz) which is on the memory stick. There is also also no problem going through the backing up and restoring process to move/copy the content from one computer to another.

    The issue is that when we want to not rely on a service plan on a memory stick which has been put together on another computer, but when we want to put together a service plan on our church computer, none of the images we normally use are available on that computer to add into a new service plan. 

    The problem is that we don't have a straightforward way of getting the images from one computer onto another. We can't copy them from the service plan osz file on the memory stick to the computer (we can select in the settings to have songs copied, though, but not images). But also, when we copy the data folder, none of the images are copied from one computer to another either (although the thumbnails are). 

    The problem of no images being in the images folder in the data folder seems to be because I haven't been in the habit of copying images into that folder using Windows Explorer and then adding them into OpenLP. Instead, I have added them into OpenLP from their existing locations in My Pictures or similar locations. It seems that there are no local copies of the image files made, but paths to the original files are stored within the database (with thumbnails only being stored locally). As a result, when the images folder and database is copied from one computer to another, only the links to the files are copied but the files are not (I'm also not sure whether the path to those files is absolute rather than relative to the data folder, so if I stored the images in the data folder whether the path would be the same if transferred to another computer where the data folder has a different path because it is under a different user).

    Having tried the backup and restore option, the only option is seems to me (that works) is to gather together lots of images from all their various existing folder locations, store them into one folder, and copy that to the new computer, and add each image individually to the OpenLP installation there.

    If there is an easier way which should work, please let me know. Thanks
  • One quite easy workaround that we use in our church is to have one separate shared Dropbox folder called "resources" or something, and share that folder around to the people putting things together. You could also use another service like OneDrive, Google Drive or whatever would be your choice. True, you won't have them in the OLP-program, but they will be available for import and use for everyone.
  • Thanks hkonsig, I'm going to start to use Dropbox to keep shared resources in the images folder since I keep my OpenLP data folder on Dropbox, copying resources into the images folder (presentations and media similarly) before adding them to OpenLP. That way, they should be available without a problem if the whole folder is shared. (I have the OpenLP data folder in the root of the C drive, with a symbolic link to that folder in Dropbox. However, I'm waiting a while to see if I can get to the bottom of OpenLP not closing (hanging when I press the X, requiring me to terminate the process, before making changes to how I use it.)
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