[Feature Request] Edit Presentations

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I would like to an option called "edit" to imported presentations, to open it on presentation software to edit, Impress or Powerpoint, the one that is selected.


  • I've added your feature request to our backlog.
  • Good point! Sometimes I have to change the background image of a PowerPoint presentation and after that I have to re-import it in OpenLP. It would be a help if that is not necessary anymore.
  • Thank you programmers and staff for a wonderful free product. I would wish to see a small but simple change if possible. When I export my slides out of PowerPoint as .jpg or .png files all the slides are named Slide1.jpg, slide2.jpg, slide3.jpg etc.

    My concern is how openlp handles those slide naming orders when being brought into "load Images area." because when they are imported they look like this order...
    slide1, (slides2 - slides9 are on the bottom of the list) slide 10, slide 11, slide 12 etc. and for me to get to my other slides I have to scroll all the way to the bottom to pick them up slides 2-9 for example. Is there any way we can get these listed in correct numeral order so that slides 1-10 are in the proper placement at the top of the list? Am I missing a preference anywhere? I do this every Sunday for my presentations and it makes adding slides to the service manager more difficult. Not a major issue, but I hope an easy fix.

    Thanks for reading and thanks again for an excellent product.

    - Todd
  • @Timber I have a potential solution for this, I had a presentation running at the weekend and to get round this issue I called the slides using letters rather than numbers E.G. Slide A,Slide B,Slide C etc. and that puts them in the correct order.

    Obviously this would only work up to 26 slides but if needed more then could use slide AA, slide AB up to slide AZ then slide BA, slide BB up to slide BZ and so on which will allow for 676 slides which should be more than adequate as it unlikely that will have more slides than that.
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