Feature Request; Song verse sequence numbers on main screen

First of all, thank you for a great piece of presentation software! We have literally just started using OpenLP after over 10 years of SongPro. We were reluctant to pay several hundred pounds to upgrade to SongPro V5 then HALLELUJAH, I discovered OpenLP!
So far it does everything we want or need except one - SongPro had a verse sequence counter in the bottom right corner of the main screen. This was very helpful for a lot of reasons. I know a verse counter exists on the 'Stage View' but not on the main screen. It's the only comment we've had from the congregation - "Where's the verse counter gone?!" I think they just like to know where they are in the song. SongPro appeared to reproduce the verse order (or sequence) in the bottom right corner.
I don't know if this feature has been asked for before. I went through twelve pages of developments comments going back to 2014 and didn't spot anything. As a simple user I have no idea how easy or difficult this feature might be to incorporate. All I know is, having got used to it in SongPro, our congregation would appreciate it.
Thanks again, guys, and God bless your bones!


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