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I'm not sure how easy it would be to implement, but we are training the Youth members of the church in the use of OpenLP, so it would be handy if could have a Administrator and a User level so that anything only the Administrator can make any changes that affect the database.


  • Sounds pretty extreme,

    you could probably achieve this relatively easily with  different
    read/write permissions to OpenLP data folder set for your
    computers User Accounts. (Admin + normal user for example)
  • @azaziah That would be a possible solution in some situations, but OpenLP stores the songs in a SQL Database so would need to go down the route of having the SQL database been made read-only to non admin user. It is something I might try to look into at some point

  • Would there be anyone that has a old laptop that is willing to donate their computer to the church for this cause and then just copy SQL Database over? I been down this route before and from experience the last thing you want is to have the main computer system messed up? Just a thought !
  • 1) Copy the folder with all of OpenLP's settings files to a second machine
    2) Install OpenLP on that second machine
    3) Point that new install of OpenLP to the folder where you put the files
    4) Voila! One new training machine

    OR (slightly more arduous, but requires no new hardware)

    1) Copy the folder with all of OpenLP's settings files to another folder
    2) When you use the PC for training tell OpenLP to look at that second folder
    3) When you use the PC for presentations tell OpenLP to look at the normal folder

    OR (simpler, and no new hardware, and extra features)

    1) Copy the folder with all of OpenLP's settings files to DropBox or OneDrive
    2) Redirect OpenLP to look at that new folder
    3) If one of your youth messes up the database, use the file history on DropBox or OneDrive to go back a previous version of the database.

    BONUS FEATURE: This option, which I use, enables you to have the same database across various PCs. Although I wouldn't do it if you wanted to use both machines simultaneously, and you do have to allow a couple of minutes for changes to sync each time you boot the PC.
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