Can I bulk delete authors?

Hello! I imported a bunch of songs from LibreOffice. At least one file was corrupted, and now I have hundreds of gobledygook entries in the author list (such as "Ò# ì±t›N›e9" - most much longer than that). I have other corruptions, too, due to the import (song titles are in as authors, etc.).

Is there a way to access the author list and delete them in bulk? This one at a time stuff is driving me crazy. :) I've searched the AppData folder for the author info, but it's not there.



  • @Tricia_G if you've removed the authors from the songs already, then you can go into the "Song Maintenance" and remove the authors there. I cannot recall if there's a way to remove more than one at a time though.
  • Yes it is possible, it's a bit complicated, but it's possible.
    Do the following:
    - Export your database (it is suggested to)
    - Delete all songs
    - Click Extras > Open File Structure...
    - Open the "songs" folder
    - Close OpenLP
    - Delete "songs.sqlite"
    - Open OpenLP
    - Reimport all songs (with the fixed charakters)

    This way, the whole database is rebuild, incuding all authors, themes and song books that are written in the reimported xml files.
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