[Feature Request] Loop-able "playlists" or groups of audio files and/or videos

Hi, developers!

I started working for a new church recently, and got them hooked on OpenLP too.

However, we have a technical nightmare. At our youth services, we like to play the live music video's of the songs we sing beforehand, especially if there are any new songs. To do this, we have to click "Show Desktop" in OpenLP, then open up VLC, get it to work on the second screen (which is difficult to say the least) and then play the songs.

When the service starts, we then need top stop VLC, bring op OpenLP again, and play video's in OpenLP again (we start with a countdown video, and all our youth announcements are video's too).

This is overly complicated.

OpenLP can already show a group of selected images in a loop. Can we do this with video and/or audio files too, please?

Having the ability to play a group or playlist video files (and even audio files) from the Media Manager in a loop, e.g. before services, would make things so much easier for us, and probably for other people too. (Many churches like to play audio files e.g. during the tithes and offerings, and this would prevent them from having to play the audio in a separate program.)

Basically, whatever one could do with images, could we please be able to do with video and/or audio files too, please?
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