Single key to advance slides

In trying out OpenLP, I've found that advancing between slides is really confusing. Sometimes down arrow does the trick, and sometimes it requires the right arrow. It appears that one key changes slides within a song or custom slide, and the other changes between entries on the set list. I can think of no scenario under which this would be the behavior I want. If I press a key to advance slides, obviously I want to go to the next slide in the sequence, and whether that slide is part of the current set list entry or the next one is irrelevant. I searched through the settings but didn't find anything that appeared relevant.

My concern is that whoever I have advancing the slides will continually have trouble remembering which key to press when. And we eventually plan to use a remote clicker to advance the slides, which means that OpenLP has to work with whatever keystrokes the particular clicker sends.

Is there a way to fix this? If not, this will be a deal breaker.


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