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I'm looking for a replacement for OpenSong. I've imported my songs from OpenSong (all the songs in a hymnal). At the bottom of the screen, OpenLP displays, for example "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (Unknown Author)". I want it to display "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (Hymn 290)". I also absolutely must have the ability to add songs by number, in addition to name.

There are two issues here. First, OpenLP doesn't seem to have imported the hymn numbers. But even if I enter one manually, OpenLP doesn't seem to do anything with it. Second, I find the author information to be totally irrelevant. There's no reason to have it displayed prominently on the slides or in the UI, as I can think of no circumstances under which anyone would want that info.

How can I make the hymn numbers prominent--and secondarily, get rid of "Unknown Author"? There are 695 hymns in the hymnal, so any solution that requires manually modifying each one is unworkable, unless it can be automated via a script.


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    There is the option to add songbook and number that will display in the footer area. You can add author and hymnbook on the second tab of the song file. It's not that anyone wants the information -- CCLI requires author, copyright date, company and the organization's CCLI number. If you are projecting without a license you are breaking copyright law. Public domain sons don't require a license, but it's respectful to give credit to author(s) and keeps a unified appearance with those songs that are under copyright protection.
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