Edit song footer

How can I edit the footer? I need to change what song information is displayed. Specifically, I want to remove both the author and CCLI info from the footer.


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    OpenLP doesn't support this because it is illegal (for copyrighted songs) in a number of countries, including the USA.
  • 95% or more of the songs we sing are in the public domain, having been written long before the 1920s. Therefore, we aren't required to have a license for them. 100% of the copyrighted songs we sing are covered by the license from the hymnal, so there is no reason why we should have a CCLI license.

    And there's no requirement to list the author's name, anyway. I don't oppose doing so in principle, but my data source doesn't include that information, and I'm not about to waste my time typing all that info in for 695 songs. It's useless information, anyway.

    Finally, I didn't see the flexibility in the themes. I saw the ability to change the background, set the font properties, and adjust positioning. That's it. Nothing about affecting what gets displayed in the footer, or anything like that. Sure, I could adjust the footer position so the info I don't want drops off the screen, but then I'd lose the hymn number, which I do want.
  • Actually, according to the law, just having the song in your songbook doesn't mean you have a license to project it (yep, they're counted as different things), so you would still need a CCLI license for this.
  • Just edit the theme and put zeros in the footer location. You could even make two themes with identical backgrounds, one showing the footer area and one not.
  • The solution I would like to see for this problem is to allow different font sizes for footer fields. That way I can make the font size for title and songbook larger and easier to read while still including the author and copyright information in the normal small font.

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