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As a relative newcomer I have installed OpenLp unto our church laptop and have managed to put a service together but when selecting a song to go live I get an image on the laptop screen as well as the projector screen which makes it difficult to control verses etc. I would like to have openlp on the laptop and the song on the projector.
Any help would be much appreciated  


  • It sounds like you are having issues with your dual monitor setup. Have a look at our manual:

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    Sorry jumped the gun and still having a  problem.
    I have set up a service with no problems, and loaded it unto the church laptop. I load Open Lp and import the service, still no problems.
    When selecting a song live I get an image on the laptop screen and also on the projector screen, when what I really need is the song on the projector screen and openlp on the laptop screen so that I am able to make adjustments where necessary.
    Hoping some can help in explaining which settings I need to set to achieve this and any help would be much appreciated.


  • It looks like you're running OpenLP 2.4.6 on Windows 7.  Is that correct?

    If so, press WIN + P to open the projector settings while connected to your projector.  Make sure you've selected to extend your desktop onto the second screen.

    Windows will also identify either the laptop screen or the projector screen as being screen 1 (and the other, of course, is screen 2).  Make a note of which screen the projector is (it's likely #2).  I forget exactly how you find that, but poke around in the menus and you'll find a link labeled as Identify Monitor or Identify Screens or something like that.

    In OpenLP, go to Settings -> Configure OpenLP.  You start in the General section, which is what you want, and the first item in view should be Monitors.  Select the radio button (the circle bullet thing) labeled "Select monitor for output display" and choose the screen number that you found in the step above.  That should put OpenLP's Live view on the projector while keeping the rest of OpenLP available on the laptop.

    Let us know how it goes!
  • Hello
    Followed your instructions and everything is now working perfectly. 
    Thanks very much for your help much appreciated


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