New Revised Standard Version, Anglicised (NRSVA)

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Does anyone have any idea where I might download or purchase the New Revised Standard Version, Anglicised (NRSVA) for openlp? I should mention that there is  no internet connection possible on the church pc.


  • After spending 15 minutes looking around online, I can't find a downloadable​ version.

    Does anyone know if there's anything wrong legally/ethically with manually pulling the text from an online version and building an OpenLP Bible from that?  I've been tempted to do that before for another translation, so it would be good to know if that's a terrible idea. :)
  • Depending on the license of the translation of the Bible, you could be guilty of copyright infringement. OpenLP's web Bible downloader follows the (fairly standard) "may not use more than a chapter at a time" clause in most licenses when downloading portions of Bible translations.

    OpenLP doesn't offer most of these translations because most of the publishing houses are not willing to distribute their Bible translations for free, and want us to pay them for distribution rights (to the tune of $10,000).

    Having said all that, what you do is your business, and I can't stop you from doing anything ;-)
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    I know this is getting off topic now (sorry MaxCross) but I have a really hard time with people attempting to copyright the Word of God - especially when the cost is so exorbitant just to access/display something that's already freely available online.  I know it's legal, but it doesn't seem right.  I'm not against copyright in general, or people getting paid for their hard work, but I view the Word of God as God's original work and not man's.  Copyright is really hard to argue in favor of from that perspective.

    If your church doesn't have internet (like mine), and the translation you need isn't already available in an OpenLP-friendly format, what then?  You have to manually type out the Scripture every week or copy/paste it from their website to a USB flash drive or something.  That's not a major hardship, but it does seem discriminatory.

    Okay, I'm getting off my rant now.  ;)  I recognize that no one here is at fault and my complaining won't help anything.
  • Very clear for me at least, illegal but not unethical.
  • I've been thinking about this issue a lot recently.  I have lots of thoughts about this, but I don't want to turn this into my personal rant.  If anyone wants to discuss, you can contact me at my account.  My username there is 'dr.timothy.cooper'.  I'm avoiding posting my address as plain text in an effort to reduce spam. If you contact me, make sure to put OpenLP in the subject line so I know it's not spam. Thanks!
  • Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but there is a NSRV available for download on the website. Go to the Download section and you'll see a list of bibles available about halfway down the page. But when I tried to re-download it, the link is not available. So maybe the copyright folks caught up with them and it is no longer available. I downloaded it several years ago. I will try sending my copy to you via gmail.
  • Ehrm, so I think I was being too oblique in my above post.  I may be able to help @MaxCross or whomever with offline OpenLP Bibles. Email me if you need help. ;)
  • Two small updates:
    1. There is a much simpler and less legally "gray" solution.  The Bible modules for MyBible are very similar to OpenLP's Bible format, and they're free.  And there's a lot of them.  And now there's a feature request to be able to import them into OpenLP (
      a - This could be a great learning opportunity for someone who wants to get more involved with OpenLP!
      b - In the meantime, I don't mind if someone emails me for help converting MyBible into an OpenLP-compatible format.  I've already written a converter utility for it.  Sadly, it's very much Windows-only (a BASIC-like language called AutoIT) and so can't be a part of OpenLP.  But I'll share the source code with anyone who is interested.

    2. You can email other users directly by clicking on their profile name and looking directly under the username.  I believe you have to be logged in for it to appear, but it's much simpler than deciphering obscure comments.  :)
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