Extract Song Usage Crash

This function seems to crash immediately since the update to 2.4.6.  Is anybody else experiencing this problem? 


  • You haven't explicitly told us what is happening, but from some deduction I'm gathering you're talking about this bug which you filed: https://bugs.launchpad.net/openlp/+bug/1687287

    It looks like there's an issue with your settings. Please can you export your settings and attach the file to the bug report you logged.
  • Hi Raoul,

    Sorry for delay in reply - I've uploaded the openlp settings file extracted from my install as requested.

    Today - 
    I removed OpenLP completely from my MAC and reinstalled OpenLP 2.4.6.
    The first-time wizard ran and I didn't select install of any default songs or default themes. 
    I created a dummy song and enabled tracking of songs.
    I displayed the song.
    I ran the extract song usage option - if comes up with default dates - I left them as they were - a song usage file was created.
    If I now run the extract song usage option it crashes immediately.
    Once it's in this mode of crashing on Song Usage extract - can't get it out of this mode, even after restarting openlp.

    I have tried uninstalling openlp again repeatedly, and now when I install, even making sure that ~/Library/Application Support/open/ folder removed before hand, It no longer runs through first time wizard on first startup.
    Song Extract usage crashes immediately after each re-install now. I have done this 4 times now - each time deleting Application and reinstalling it.

    I am assuming that some settings are being stored somewhere else other than ~/Library/ Application Support/openlp

    Hope you're able to recreate problems or can suggest a work around without needing to delete that songusage.sqlite file.

    Kind regards,

  • Richard, macOS caches applications settings (this is outside of OpenLP's control), that's probably why even after you deleted the config directory you still seemed to have the settings.
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