Are service file songs automatically updated from songs database?

At my church, someone else projects the service files I create at home. This Sunday one of the songs did not reflect the changes I had made at home. I assume this is because the projectionist failed to replace the church songs.sqlite with the file I had brought from home. I have instructed him before that the home database needs to replace the church database before OpenLP is started.

Before the service, I had made a change in the verse order of the misbehaving song in the service file (in case that's relevant).

Am I correct that the songs in a service file are automatically checked against songs.sqlite and the service songs changed to match what's in songs.sqlite? I hope not.



  • I'm not at our OpenLP computer right now so I can't verify the direction, but I know there is an optional inheritance for songs.  I *believe* that OpenLP's songs.sqlite can inherit changes from a service file if the option is enabled.  Which means you want to transfer the OSZ/OSZL file rather than the sql databases.

    OpenLP isn't really designed for use in multiple locations, so if that's what you're aiming for, you may want to consider setting up some sort of auto-syncing (ie. Dropbox for cloud sync or a local utility to sync between USB & target PC's).
  • Thanks, milon! It doesn't look like there's a setting like that.

    In fact, I do use a shared Dropbox folder to provide my home creations to church. Currently, the projectionist has to copy the songs.sqlite from the Dropbox folder to the songs data folder. You've got me thinking I might be able to arrange things so that would not be necessary. I'll have to give that some thought.
  • I'm pretty sure Drop Box let's you choose what files/folders to sync, so theoretically you should be able to automate that and not need any additional copying.

    I'll look into the Songs auto-update bit. I'm​ certain I've played with that veggie, but it also wouldn't be the first time that I was mistaken. ;)
  • Well, I failed to get Dropbox to do what I wanted. In Linux at home, I created a symbolic link from the OpenLP Data/songs folder to the Dropbox folder, and I set the songs link in the Dropbox folder to be shared with the church email. I went to church and discovered that a Windows shortcut is not the same as a Linux symbolic link!

    To test the shortcut, I renamed the songs folder to songs0 and copied the Dropbox/songs shortcut to the OpenLP Data folder. However, when I started OpenLP, it ignored the shortcut and created an empty songs folder.

    I don't want to put the whole OpenLP Data folder on Dropbox because of the Dropbox space it would take. But unless I learn some other trick, that may be the only way to do it, since in the OpenLP settings you enter the location of the whole OpenLP Data folder.
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