Portable LibreOffice/OpenOffice with OpenLP

Is it possible to use Portable LibreOffice/OpenOffice Impress with OpenLP, I am trying to set p under
Settings -> Configure OpenLP -> Presentations
However it is greyed out, I am I missing something


  • OpenLP can only detect non-portable installations of LibreOffice. (or OpenOffice)

    Is there a reason why you can't install LibreOffice to the target machine?
  • We have several computers which are used for projections, ranging from laptops to desktops.

    We already struggling to maintain a single database between the computers.

    I thought would be easier having a thumb drive with OpenLP, LibreOffice and VLC portable on.
    This would mean no additional software being loaded to do projection. Basically turning any Windows OS based PC to potential Projection server.

    Our church send out mission team and most teams use own hardware which most of the time, runs Windows OS, would be easier to copy all software on Thumb drive OpenLP, LibreOffice and VLC portable, which has the churches database on. Installing LibreOffice/OpenOffice on each team Computer for each mission, will be time consuming.

    Therefore wanted to know will or could this be added in the future please
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    Well you could try to tweak the OpenLPPortable.ini file found within the portable folder.

    Adding something like:


    could lead to success, I'm not sure thought and I don't have the time to test it.

    Googling for portable apps environment variables may lead you unto something.

    I would suggest bundling the Libre and VLC installers to the thumb drive and instructing the teams to install them.
    After all, they are pretty useful for all machines, church or not. :)

    Note: Only 32 bit VLC is supported.

  • Tried several versions of [Environment] VLC works perfectly, however regardless what path I set for LibreOffice it does not work, I googled I searched and tried and tried and tried, eventually thought maybe I should check on the forums or ask on forums.

    If any body has an Idea what the right path for LibreOffice/OpenOffice Portable to work with OpenLP please please let me know, it would be amazing to get this right.

    PS I browsed through the code of OpenLP it seems to search the registry therefore very unsure it can work with current version
  • What if you set up Linux on a USB drive to boot from, with OpenLP and Libre Office installed, that way no matter which of the machines you plug it in to, the experience will be the same.
  • You could do that, but has its downsides. It would require powering off / rebooting the host machine (not always desirable), and a LOT of read/write access to a flash drive (they don't have a long lifespan with that kind of use - make regular backups).
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