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What I'm hoping to do is to have OpenLP output the display, to a separate floating window with the proper dimensions and not (necessarily) to a separate monitor. Then I can capture the window in Wirecast and use it in my Sunday Service live broadcast. I've gotten it to do this sort of, when I forced a certain display resolution it caused the output to go behind all the main windows, this let me switch song slides and capture the output separately without having to see the window up front, the only issue was when I interacted with the display accidentally the window jumped to the front of all other windows and I couldn't figure out how to intentionally make it go into the background.

My reason for wanting to do this is that I'm looking at alternatives to Wirecasts somewhat inefficient slide handling and I was hoping OpenLP could be the solution, and so far I really like it's song slide organization and the transition handling. I do have 2 monitors but running Open LP and Wirecast and another app means that my desktop space is limited, I need all of my desktop space accessible. I hope there is a feature I've overlooked or an extension that could achieve this, thanks!

- Sam


  • After doing a little thought and a little experimenting in Python, I think that for what I'm looking for a simple python app will do what I need. If that turns out to not be the case I might be back :)  
  • @veggiet, did you come up with a solution that puts the single-monitor output into a separate window of OpenLP? That would be handy for OBS to grab as a source. Right now, I use a second monitor for OpenLP output, then use OBS to grab that as a source, then send the OBS mix to Zoom as a virtual camera. But Zoom downgrades the quality of camera content streamed, so text appears fuzzy. A recommended route is to use screen share to grab OBS output for Zoom, but I've already used my second monitor for OpenLP. I would need a third monitor for OBS and OpenLP output, when it would be so much simpler if OpenLP single-monitor output to a window (as Keynote and PowerPoint have transitioned to in the videoconference era) instead of taking over the screen.

    Yes, OpenLP has the stage view option, but all our songs are music/slideshow videos, because we're so short-handed.

  • Hello!

    I am looking for similar solution. Have you found any solution? We are on a single computer setup with OpenLP output to be screen shared to Webex. Tried different options with OBS Studio but no luck. Can you please help?

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