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Greetings Raoul and friends from OpenLP forum, it's been a long time since I posted here and i'm not sure if is good, hahaha. So first off all Raoul I have to say OpenLP is the most complete free worship presentation software nowadays, seriously I searched and nothing compare to this baby. Second i belive that we are reaching people, leading them to the ways of god thanks to you and this amazing team and if depends of me i'll spread this software to the ends of the earth.
So(there is aways a so), here is the problem, my church growed so much that we are using 2 displays during the service and we don't have enough money to buy a second projector so we are using a LED tv instead. My pc has 3 video outputs, so i used one as my monitor and cloned on the display settings the other two to display the software as 1 single monitor on the stage. Annnnd it worked but I had some issues like frame rates that don't sync, vlc that crashes and my OpenOffice going nuts every time i open a presentation, it show the presentation mode on the stage display and the backend display stays with real presentation, kkkkk.
So this weekend I worked with the web version and bammmmm, clean as water. The lyrics, bible worked fine and the software fit well on the tv screen but there wasn't video and presentation.
My question is there is any way to stream video and presentations through web service and how can I reduce the delay from web service, i'm using localhost and the music waits 3 to 5 seconds to change.

Thanks to you all for the suport!!


  • Hi @raulinon

    There currently isn't a way to stream video and presentations due to the fact that it's a web version (it is more complicated than just putting a video somewhere). Have you tried using a video splitter instead? They are usually fairly reasonably priced and solve these sorts of multi-output video problems.
  • We use video splitter to have overhead displayed on a TV.  Works well.
  • Hi, thank you guys for your support. Actually I found out the solution. We had some eletrical issues and this was causing some problems on my second stage display. When fixed, I had to put the same resolution screen on all my 3 displays. So, now I have two stage displays cloned by windows display settings and the operational one, all working fine with the same resolution and framerate. No need for a web service  display anymore. 

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