Error Saving File Message

Hi Guys

i've just finished building a service with lots of songs.

I saved one last time and got an "error saving file" message.  AAARGGHHH

Very frustrating as I'm using it tomorrow Sat 17th of June.

Can anyone help on this?



  • Sometimes Windows can have file permission issues which are usually easy to fix.  Answer these questions to help us diagnose the problem:

    Were you making a new service file from scratch, or had you loaded one and were attempting to re-save?

    Did it actually save despite the error message?

    What folder were you trying to save the file in?

    Have you ever experienced this issue before?

    Was this experience different from past sessions in any way other than the error message?
  • Thanks Milon
    1. At first, it was a new file.  I later found that it did save.  I re-opened it the next day and used it in a service.  At the very end of the service, I saved it again and the problem re-occured.  You can't close the software normally.  You have to use the task manager to quit.

    2. I was trying to save it in a folder on the desktop.  This is my usual folder which I have used many times before with the previous version of openlp V2.43. 

    3. I have never noticed this error before.

    4.  No, this was a typical openlp session.  The only difference is that I have only just upgraded from Oplenlp V2.43.

    I have only just upgraded from V2.43(?).  I skipped 2.45.  Another error I have noticed is that whilst I can use the CCLI song import wizard to import songs, it very often crashes as I am using it.  This is kind of frustrating as this was the only reason I upgraded.  V2.43 finally got to the point where it would not let me use the CCLI song import wizard.
  • Thanks for the updates @Barrti, and I'm glad it actually worked after all.  Here's a few more follow-up questions.  I don't think I can help you solve this (I'm just a user too), but the info will help someone else guide you.

    1. Why do you have to kill it with task manager?  Can't you just quit and say No to saving changes?

    2. What's the exact error message?

    3. Please upload a log file that contains this save error (upload to pastebin or a similar online service please).  Read about log files here:

    4. To clarify, am I right in reading that this error didn't ever happen in 2.4.3, and that you upgraded from that to 2.4.6 and now you're consistently experiencing this error?

    5. The CCLI song import wizard crash sounds like another problem.  Was it happening in 2.4.3 or 2.4.6 or both?

  • Milon
    Below is the log file.
    This particular error is only in 2.4.6.

    I did have the CCLI error in 2.43 but it was different.  In 2.43. I often could not log in but now in 2.46 I can log in and I can download lyrics for 1-2 songs then it crashes.
  • Thanks!  I don't yet see the log file or link however.
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