OpenLP App issues

I have the openlp app set to the same IP and port as the laptop. Both are on the same WiFi. The WiFi on the laptop is set to share. It was working briefly, but the next time I opened the app, I  got the notice saying that the network couldn't connect. Any suggestions?  


  • Are you using Android or iOS or something else for the app?
    Does your wifi network have internet access?

    If you're using Android and there's no active internet connection, Android will most likely turn its WiFi signal off which would stop the app from being able to work.  We learned that the hard way - our church doesn't have internet, but the OpenLP laptop can broadcast a WiFi hotspot signal anyway.  You might be facing a similar issue.  I don't know how iOS behaves, by the way.

    If that's not it, try restarting the laptop.  If it still doesn't work, make sure that OpenLP is running and check the config settings for it.  Then open the app and check its configuration too.
  • Running the Android app. Yes, our WiFi has internet...and it was running fine. I even tried plugging the laptop into an ethernet cable to make sure I was getting a strong signal. I checked all the settings for the IP and port, making sure.tjey were the same on the laptop and Android app. I tried restart8ng the laptop as well, but still got the same network error message. I  will keep trying, but any suggestions would be appreciated as I try to figure out the problem. 
    Have a blessed day!
  • Try clearing the app's data (settings -> Apps -> OpenLP Remote -> Clear Data) and see if that makes a difference.
  • Thanks milon!  That got it going again.  Gotta love when it's something simple like that.
  • Now if ONLY it would have stayed that simple!  Turned on the computer today and pulled up OpenLP, opened the Android app on my phone, and it gave the same network error again.  Nothing has changed in the settings.  Both are on the same network, and both are discoverable.  Not sure what's going on that makes it not connect correctly.  Would love to get this working before Sunday when I might actually need to use the app since I may have to sing and control songs at the same time.
  • Here's a dumb question, but is the app updated?

    @raoul, do you have any idea why the app might not be saving/loading data properly?
  • I'm not a Windows person, but I've heard that Windows even firewalls apps running on the computer. Check that maybe? Otherwise I don't know, I can't see the settings and I don't know what the different devices' IP addresses are.
  • @milon, yes, the app is up to date.  

    It's weird because I took the laptop across the parking lot to my house, and can still pick up the church Wi-Fi. Booted the computer back up and was able get the app and computer to communicate again.  Maybe it was just some glitch in connection.  Here's hoping and praying it all works right on Sunday!

    @raoul, I'll check the firewall settings, but I'm pretty sure they're set to allow the connection.

    Thanks for your help and suggestions.
  • The only other thing I can think of is that DHCP is handing out a different IP address to the laptop.
  • @raoul, DHCP would indeed change the IP address from time to time (AFAIK).  Does the app assume a static IP?  I have little experience with creating network programs (Windows-only, by the way), but it seems to me that it would be better to store the host PC name or MAC address and look for that, rather than just assume it'll be on the same IP all the time.

    Would I be correct in assuming that the work-around is to have the WiFi router assign static IP's for each known/trusted device?

    @PixleyNaz, if the app gives you any trouble before your service on Sunday, just reset the app cache and try it again.  Give yourself some extra time in case you need to take this step.  I'm hopeful that once you have a connection established, it'll stay connected and functional through the whole service.  Just don't let the Android device or the PC fall asleep (which could possibly trigger the WiFi router to hand out a new IP when it wakes up).
  • The app just presumes that the IP address it has been provided is a working instance of OpenLP. Hostnames are not reliable because they are not unique on a network, and they don't always work (I think Windows uses NetBEUI to snoop around and find hostnames on the network, since Windows' IP stack is built on NetBEUI). MAC address doesn't help because we're dealing with TCP/IP, so we need to know the IP address, and you can't determine that from the MAC address.
  • Oh, and yes, for more reliable networking get the DHCP server to hand out the same IP address to a particular MAC address every time. I often do that on my home network.
  • A static IP address was going to be my next adventure.  When I use CMD and run ipconfig, it shows the same IP address every time, so it doesn't seem to be changing.

    I will see what I can find out when I'm in the office tomorrow.  Thanks again for your help.
  • @raoul, thanks for the clarification. I hadn't thought about needing the IP first, but that makes sense.  And I also use a MAC-based static IP config on my home network.  :)

    @PixleyNaz (and any future readers who care to know), unless your router is already setup for static, the IP address will change from time to time.  For example, you shut down your device, and later another device connects.  The second device might get assigned the IP that the first device was using.  When the first device reconnects, its original IP won't be available, so it'll get a different one.
  • @milon @PixleyNaz Some routers allow lease time configuration too, so you can set your lease time to something like 2 weeks to get a pseudo-static IP. Then even if the PC is off for a week, it'll still get the same IP address when it comes back to the network. I know not all routers can do static IP addresses, so this is a workaround.
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