Font Size of Service List

Is there a way to enlarge the font size of the service list?  I tried taking out the Preview window and sliding the Service Manager over so it made the widow bigger, but the text size didn't change at all.


  • Not to my knowledge, nor could I find such an option in any of the menus.  It's probably using the default font size of the operating system (Windows 10) and there doesn't seem to be any way to change that either.

    You could try lowering the resolution of the OpenLP computer screen (not the resolution of the projector screen!) which would make everything appear larger, but also more cramped.
  • Thanks, milon, at least I know I'm not just blind and not seeing the option.  I'll just live with it for now.
  • The font in OpenLP is controlled by your operating system. We technically can override it, but that creates more problems than it is worth, we rather leave it up to your operating system so that between it and you the right font is used. Imagine if you use your computer in Greek, but OpenLP forced you to use a font that doesn't support the Greek alphabet - that would not be good.
  • Dear Raoul, thank you for your comment, but I am afraid you have missed the point. It wasn't the font but the font size that was the question asked by PixleyNaz. In our setup we would also find it very helpful if we could change the font size for the service list and input screens as the default is very small on our monitor. We don't want to change the font itself (I take your point about character sets) but the font size displayed. And to clarify - this is not asking about the font size for the themes - we've got that sorted.
  • @MATVuser when I say "font" I mean everything about the font, including the size.
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