We're considering switching rom EasyWorship to OpenLP. Should we?

We're considering switching rom EasyWorship to OpenLP. I need to convince the decision makers that OpenLP is a stable product. I need to answer basic question such as : How long has it been a product? How many churches use OpenLP? How stable is the program in Windows? I need to know for sure that we will have a seamless transition from EasyWorship to OpenLP. Please advise. Thank you!


  • I switched from LiveWorship about 4 years ago. OpenLP has been excellent and continues to improve. Updates come regularly. I usually use a Mac, but use a Windows laptop intermittently and have had no problems. I can take a service created on the Mac and load it onto Windows with no problems. I can't speak about EasyWorship, but OpenLP has met all of our requirements and the price can't be beat. One of the major players may be able to tell you about the installed base and whether data from EasyWorship can be transferred. 
  • OpenLP has been active since 2004, so it is not a new project and has been actively developed and improve in that time.
    As this forum demonstrate there is an active userbase from all over the world.
    OpenLP can currently import songs from EasyWorship 2009 (and we have import from EW 6 in the pipeline). Your best option is simply to download OpenLP and try it out. After all it is free :)
  • My question for you is why do you want to switch? If your current setup is working fine I wouldn't know why you would switch. I would also say that if you must have video backgrounds, and your current setup is working, I wouldn't switch.

    I switched several years ago from MediaShout because I had a hard drive fail on a Saturday and didn't have time to re-install everything. I threw Linux (Ubuntu) on my replacement HD and OLP to get me through Sunday. My plan was to reload everything the next week but I never bothered. I'm now running a windows system but still use OLP and the main reason has been that it has been rock solid for me. The only other software I installed was VLC for video and LibreOffice for the rare guest speaker who brings in a PowerPoint presentation. I just don't have problems with it and the younger people in my church couldn't care less about moving backgrounds.
  • I haven't really used EasyWorship much, but I evaluated it alongside several other packages over a year ago when our church plant launched.  I chose - and stuck with - OpenLP for a number of reasons.  I don't remember exactly what it was about EasyWorship I didn't like, other than the user interface (in my opinion) being lacking.  OpenLP has been and continues to be a great choice for us.

    Of course, on the OpenLP forum we're probably all going to like OpenLP better than EasyWorship.  ;)
  • Our church is also considering moving from Easyworship 6 to OpenLP. Main reason is that we are having issues with it that is that occur twice then not for another month, hard to replicate, and a unhappy AV team is not an option!
    Is there a way we can help with getting an import from EW6 to OpenLP functioning? (I tried 2.4.6 but import didn't work)
  • 2.4.6 doesn't support EW6, that's only coming in the next major release of OpenLP. In the mean time you can e-mail your EW6 database to our support address and I'll probably pick it up there and backport the importer.
  • Yeah, EW6 probably does some things better than OpenLP and vice versa.

    You can always try OpenLP and stick to the EW6 if you don't like it.

  • We moved from MediaShout 5 to OpenLP a year and a half ago. So far no regrets. Sure, there are a few minor drawbacks but overall it gets the job done.
  • Thank you so much for your responses! We're a very small church and money is very tight, so upgrading to EasyWorship 6 is too expensive for us. We finally purchased (and just received) a  new computer for the sound team which uses Windows 10.   was hoping for a Mac :( but I'm thankful! Anyhow, the more I learn about OpenLP the more I like it. Thank you! to the OpenLP team and for all of your comments!  
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