Importing a song from Songselect / CCLI

Version of OpenLP
Operating system
Windows 10
I am having trouble importing a song from Songselect/CCLI.  Now that Songselect/CCLI no longer supports providing usr files, I tried to import directly through OpenLP, but when I tried putting in my Songselect username and password into the relevant screen within OpenLP, it does not seem to recognize it.  I have tried multiple times, and am certain that I am using a correct username and password, but it just does not seem to work.  Any ideas.  (The username and password work OK directly within the CCLI website.


  • Are you getting a big error screen or just a message saying you couldn't be logged in?  A debug log file would be helpful. See the troubleshooting section of the manual for details on how to generate a debug log file.
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